Sunday, July 13, 2008

Are gameplay and graphics becoming mutually exclusive?

We got some serious power at our disposal now a days. We got the 65 nanometer advanced lithographic nodes, we got Shader Model 4.1, We got Quad SLi. With all this power we can immerse ourselves in great games like Crysis, Assassin’s Creed, Dungeon Hack, Supreme Co... Whoa wait a minute, Dungeon HACK! Wha?

What kind of 3D card do you need to play this! Something with a core clock of at least 500MHz it looks like.. Must have pixel shader 4 for all those complex models. No. You need non of these. In fact, you don’t need a 3D card what so ever because this game uses still frame animation. What is this weird ass thing? Pictures that move... bullshit.

Dungeon Hack was developed by a small company called Dreamforge back in 1993. As you can probably guess, it was made for the DOS platform and took a whopping 25Mhz processor to play smoothly. Thats assuming you had the 2meg of hard drive space to install it in the first place. My quad core had never known such savagery.

15 years have passed since the release of DH and... actually wait let me rephrase that. 15 years have passed since the release of one of the greatest games ever made. Yeah thats right, one of the greatest. I loaded this up into DOS Box the other day to relive some of the good times. It didn’t fail to impress.

Using the numeric keypad I quickly navigated my way through the tunnels of death, beating orcs down with my spiritual hammer, while finding keys and puzzle pieces to open doors. They wouldn’t do much good though if I didn’t find some food before I starved to death. The gameplay is just so enthralling, getting new items, leveling up and gaining new spells. It’s what RPG’s are all about, Character development and killing shit. Those are the only two things that are important in an RPG. Developing your character and then beating the fuck out of stuff. Dungeon Hack has perfected both of these.

Yeah, the graphics are more than out dated. The sounds are awful, in fact they’re so bad I turned them off and the animation pretty much consists of 2 frames: An attack frame and a move frame, but this game is what gaming is all about. It is a grand daddy of RPG’s and I think if more game developers of todays new games thought about why people are still finding some entertainment in a 15 year old game, we might be seeing some interesting new developments in this multi $billion industry.

Dungeon Hack


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