Thursday, October 23, 2008

Nene Bails

Doing an impression of the quality of ANC Leadership:

Friday, August 29, 2008

Population of 47 mill = Not hot like me

I've recently become very interested in investing and money growth potential. Reading forums and chatting to people is always a great way to learn. Now to make money, you need need to have money and one of the ways of accumulating a gross sum is by reducing your expenditure. Long term expenditure is not good, although sometimes necessary. House, car etc you need and unless you have the finances to buy them straight up then you need a loan and so long term expenditure ensues.

Lets take a look at a South African issue. The majority of the people really financially struggling in this country have one thing in common. They all have like 5 fucking children or even more in some cases. Which raises and important question... why do we fuck so much? Stop fucking you retards, y
ou're fucking yourselfs into debt! Lets take a look at how expensive these little asshole children are to bring up...


Hospital fees + possibly incubation: R21,000.00 to R56,000.00 (Hope you got medical aid)

Baby Years:

Nappies at 5 per day at R133.65 per pack of 60 for 2 years = R8,130.38
Baby food 1 bottle per 3 days at R5.99 for 2 years = R1,457.57
Baby food with chucks in it 1 bottle per 2 days at R17,95 for the next 3 years = R9,827.63
Clothes (Enough for 1 new per day, including growth rate over 10 years) = R122,880.00
Toys (Spread over 12 years at an average of 24 new toys a year) = R16,416.00
Baby Gear (Cribs, Prams, shit like that) = R17,000.00
Washing lotion and powder stuff at R44.95 for 3 years at 1 per month = R1,587.75
Insurance Premiums = Not Good.

Teen Aged Years (Now you're fucked):

Clothes over the next 10 years = R38,000.00
New electronic toys over the next 10 years = R42,000.00
Food (at 3 meals per day) = R281,050.00
Shit to kill pimples and soap etc = R18,000.00
Money for porn mags = R4,680.00


Private education R2800 per month for 12 years = R403,200.00
University/College fees for 3 years of study (excluding books etc) = R89,000.00

TOTAL Doe = R1,091,028.58

Now thats compeltely excluding maintenance of another living thing in the home which takes up space, uses electricity and water. That'll easily push that figure up to around R1.5 mill

So 2 children is R3mill! Thats a Lamborghini Gallardo right there.

Yeah ok, my estimation was kind of rough around the edges, however here's a kid that decided to remove this liability from an early age, what a pro...


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

You Ball of Ghey.

It's becoming an increasing concern of mine how people find the need to rabble on about situations which they have very little experience in in order to gain popularity probably because they weren't "cool in school". Don't make a noise about something that you can't support with your CV.

Here's a man who fucked up...


Sunday, July 13, 2008

Are gameplay and graphics becoming mutually exclusive?

We got some serious power at our disposal now a days. We got the 65 nanometer advanced lithographic nodes, we got Shader Model 4.1, We got Quad SLi. With all this power we can immerse ourselves in great games like Crysis, Assassin’s Creed, Dungeon Hack, Supreme Co... Whoa wait a minute, Dungeon HACK! Wha?

What kind of 3D card do you need to play this! Something with a core clock of at least 500MHz it looks like.. Must have pixel shader 4 for all those complex models. No. You need non of these. In fact, you don’t need a 3D card what so ever because this game uses still frame animation. What is this weird ass thing? Pictures that move... bullshit.

Dungeon Hack was developed by a small company called Dreamforge back in 1993. As you can probably guess, it was made for the DOS platform and took a whopping 25Mhz processor to play smoothly. Thats assuming you had the 2meg of hard drive space to install it in the first place. My quad core had never known such savagery.

15 years have passed since the release of DH and... actually wait let me rephrase that. 15 years have passed since the release of one of the greatest games ever made. Yeah thats right, one of the greatest. I loaded this up into DOS Box the other day to relive some of the good times. It didn’t fail to impress.

Using the numeric keypad I quickly navigated my way through the tunnels of death, beating orcs down with my spiritual hammer, while finding keys and puzzle pieces to open doors. They wouldn’t do much good though if I didn’t find some food before I starved to death. The gameplay is just so enthralling, getting new items, leveling up and gaining new spells. It’s what RPG’s are all about, Character development and killing shit. Those are the only two things that are important in an RPG. Developing your character and then beating the fuck out of stuff. Dungeon Hack has perfected both of these.

Yeah, the graphics are more than out dated. The sounds are awful, in fact they’re so bad I turned them off and the animation pretty much consists of 2 frames: An attack frame and a move frame, but this game is what gaming is all about. It is a grand daddy of RPG’s and I think if more game developers of todays new games thought about why people are still finding some entertainment in a 15 year old game, we might be seeing some interesting new developments in this multi $billion industry.

Dungeon Hack


Youtube Vid

Forget the 666 Beast, Check out the 9800 Beast.

The 9800 GX(xx)2

Three X's for Sexiness....

Around two months ago I decided to upgrade my PC and then I thought, that would be futile considering how old my PC currently is. So I just put together a whole new rig. I chose Prophecy to get the job done and they did, very well I might add. When it came to the 3D card I thought for a long time about how much I should spend on something used purely for wasting time playing computer games. The Conclusion: I waste too much time playing computer games, therefore I need a beast of a graphics card that would ruthlessly sodomize games.

The GX2, while expensive is proving to be a worthwhile investment. I'm not going to bother to give a full review on this card, if you want one go to Tom's Hardware. I spent ages reading their review about it. This is just a personal review, giving you the ground zero facts.

It plays Crysis like a dream. I set everything to High, as Maximum is only available to Vista retards with lame DX10, and started that shit up. From a visual point I didn't notice any indication of frame rate drop at all. I'm not going to be like one of those statistical geek assholes and post FRAPS frame rate screenshots. I also bought Assassin's Creed and played that through on max detail with no trouble at all.

According to PC Wizard, the card runs about 65C - 68C while idle and 73 while under load. I've never seen it go any higher than that.

The bottom line. A card at this price is only worth it if you plan on completely building a new PC. For most people it’s probably too much to fork out to claim as an “Upgrade”. The 8800GT, still gets the job done on most games today. I guess we’ll just have to wait for the next generation “8800” to hit the shelves.

The 9800GX at Prophecy

Friday, January 25, 2008

The Good Old Days

Heres my list of the top 10 good old games. Most of these still remain some of my favorites.

10 - Street Fighter II

I found a large arcade machine at the fish and chip shop over the road from me. It took small change in exchange for one game worth of insane, adrenaline pumping fun. SF 2 was the best thing for me other than the sight of a woman’s breasts when I was 10. It was just so awesome beating the crap out of, not only the computer's character, but also the stage. Blanka had to be my all time fav. Yeah I know, not Ryu *gasp*, but I never seem to go with the crowd. That old school style arcade controller with the 6 buttons that you pummeled furiously brings back such good memories. Memories of the smell of fish and chips while hitting the buttons to execute a Sonic BOOM!

9 - Theme Hospital

Bullfrog were awesome. They were the shit, in every way. Syndicate was
brilliant and Dungeon Keeper was a masterpiece but they just don't make it into my top ten (Probably 11 and 12 respectively). This was the first sim I ever played, and actually probably the last. It was so well animated and such an original idea to me. I had tons of fun from the first time I saw a doctor pop the bloaty head guy all the way until the end of the game. Bringing in new diseases all the time kept me glued to my computer. I just had to see what other wacky things Bullfrog had thought up. The satirical humor certainly added to the games style.

8 - Discworld

Now this was a game that literally took me about half a year to finish. It was so amazingly weird that half the time solving the puzzles just didn't make any logical sense. That hardly fazed me though. I spent hours exploring Ankh-Morpork and finding things to click on to hear what Rincewind had to say about them. The voice acting was brilliant; it really tied the whole game together. I do seem to remember spending ages just trying to install the damn game. It had a funny installation because all the sounds packs were on the CD so you could run different exe's depending on what your sound configuration was. Never the less, once it was working it was perfect. Funny, well animated and really mind grabbing. By the way, to catch a butterfly, stick a frog in a sleeping bum's mouth and then use a net ;)

7 - Doom

Yeah, number 7... What! Well like I said, I don’t go with the masses. To most people Doom was the birth of first person gaming. To me, that would be Wolf but I'm not going to discredit Doom. It was bloody brilliant. If there is one thing that everyone must remember it’s that E1M1 MIDI track. It just set the tone for the whole game. Doom had originality going for it too. The fact that you could shoot barrels just made it a 9/10 already. I mean come on, how cool was it shooting a barrel next to some alien thing and watching it liquefy. The game was fast paced and scary as hell at the same time. Every time it got dark I'd whip out that chain gun and it just made me feel so much safer. Doom had one of the best weapon selections ever thought up. A chainsaw as a weapon... Well that’s the coolest thing since Scarface and let’s be honest, the BFG is probably one of the best weapons ever thought up. That and the Ion Cannon...

-- E1M1 Mp3 --

6 - Command and Conquer

Aah man. The acting in the videos is something I laughed at for hours. Damn it sucked, except for Kane. Anyway, the game itself was a legend. Nothing can even come close to comparing to C&C when it comes to the godfathers of RTS, no not even Total Annihilation or Starcraft. The thing they did so well was not only to give each side unique units but also balance out the units perfectly. How cool was it getting that Pyro Flame Tank for the first time and toasting those civies. You could also run over units with vehicles which was immensely satisfying.

The entire game just took possibilities to the next level. Now I know TA and Starcraft were brilliant games and I respect them immensely, but they just didn't have the old school, DOS game fun that C&C did. Every time you built a mammoth tank or an obelisk of light, you felt completely unstoppable. It was a thrill that I no damn fine could never be repeated.

5 - Pagan Ultima 8

Another RPG that most people thought was a huge disappointment from Ultima 7. I can't dispute that because I never played Ultima 7. All I know is that Ultima 8 really took me into Pagan. I was there with all the other pixel characters. The game itself wasn't as large as it seemed in hindsight but when I first started playing it, I felt as though I was exploring an entire planet. The amount of places you could go to just seemed endless. One of the reasons was the amount of textures Origin made and combined to form landscapes, water scapes, ethereal planes, underground caverns; it just goes on and on. The sound was awful and the controlling system was absolutely hopeless but that didn't matter. I was far too interested exploring this new world to be bothered about how garbage my axe was that a stole from the local blacksmith. I think part of the reason it took me so long to finish this game was because I kept dying and had to reload, which if I remember rightly took ages. It didn't matter though; I'd reload 20 times a day just to get a bit further in Ultima 8. If I'm playing a game now a days and my character died I just quit. Very few games have that holding power over me that Ultima 8 did.

4 - Wolfenstein 3D

Such an Epic. This really was the birth of FPS in my eyes. Remember starting in your cell and running out then stabbing that Nazi bastard with your knife? This game was about shooting and killing shit from the beginning of the first level until the end of the last. I loved every moment of Wolf for just that reason. It only had 4 weapons, and the knife you never used again after the first level. It has terrible sound, yet it was such a great game. I remember trawling through the maze of textures that all looked the same to find some little gold trinket so I got max points for the level. Everything about Wolf 3D just drove you onward to the next level, to the next act. There’s really not much else to say about it. You've either experienced Wolfenstein 3D or you haven’t.

3 - Crusader: No Remorse

The first thing that struck me in this game was its movement. You could roll and dodge things, how cool was that? Again the music was second to none in Crusader. Not only that famous menu chime synth sound but the awesome in game music too. I have to say I might be a bit biased on this one because I recently downloaded the games music and listened to it all again. The memories just flooded back. Acting sucked in this as well, but who cares? You could buy weapons and equipment which was awesome and you were engrossed in the amazing story line. I'm sure the animation stuck in everyone’s mind. Shooting someone with a rocket launcher made them burst into flame. Shooting them with a UV gun melted them. It was just so original and cool at the same time. The way the game was put together is as perfect as it gets. Everything just synergized perfectly. An all time favorite, no doubt.

-- All the Crusader: No Remorse Music Mp3 --

2 - Fallout 2

This is pretty rare, a sequel getting rated higher than the original. Well that’s how it was for me. Fallout 2 seemed to be Fallout 1 but with everything done better. More weapons, Bigger map, more NPCs, More options. Everything was bigger and better but still running on the same great engine that Fallout 1 used. I'm not kidding when I say I beat this game 7 times. Every time I tried it with another character, specializing in different stats and traits. Creating a new character was just so freaking cool when you thought about all the different ways you could complete the game. Create a character to talk your way out of a sticky situation? Or create a mean ass mother fucker to shoot holes in shit when things go wrong. The details were mind-blowing, how cool was it blowing half of someone’s torso off? It wasn't just the game play that felt (and looked) so good, it was the whole setting, the ambience if you like. The world is completely fucked from a bomb and is now in post nuclear survival. Fixing broken things to work for you, trading like they did before money, modifying your weapons to fight the mutated beats. Everything just felt so believable. I am proud to say this is the best RPG ever made by man, and no, I'm not looking forward to Fallout 3.

1 - Raptor Call of the Shadows

It really was tough choosing between my favorite arcade game and my favorite RPG. I had as much fun playing raptor as I did Fallout although in two completely different ways. Raptor was fast paced; blowing everything up in sight and getting paid for it. You got paid for blowing shit up! I used to love saving up for the next big weapon. I thought it was a great idea that they showed you all the best weapons right at the start, unlike Doom where it was a big mystery what weapon you would find on the next level. In Raptor you started the game and you saw that twin laser and you just knew... Man I gotta get that. The games difficulty was patchy but on a whole to be honest it really wasn't that difficult. It such a blast though (pun), flying around on new planets with your highly equipped fighter jet annihilating everything in your path then returning to upgrade your rig. This is a prime example of a game where a story line wasn't necessary at all because the fun of playing it was all that mattered.

The reason I put this at number one is because I can load up this game in DOS box right now and start playing it while still getting that same thrill I did the first time I played it years back. I'm not sure I can do that with any of the other games just because of the time it's been since I’ve played them. I'm so used to all this new age pixel shader stuff and new flashy graphics that it feels weird.

These certainly aren’t all my favorites but I have to select these as games that really made an impact. System Shock, Dungeon Keeper, Syndicate Wars, Starcraft, Xcom Enemy Unknown were all amazing as well. There just isn't room on my list to accommodate them.

Fujitsu LifeBook U810

Fujitsu's $1,000 U810 convertible tablet PC attracted a lot of attention last year. With a functional keyboard, a 5.6 inch screen that can swivel around and a long battery life that lasts just over 5 hours, this little gadget has a lot going for it. On the flipside a 800mhz processor probably isn't working in its favor. As usual though they decided to stick windows vista on it. Not a good choice considering its processing power in my opinion. The keyboard, while being potentially great, also uses double mapping on its keys which is really a downer. However for it's price, you can expect a few flaws.

My opinion, it could have been better especially in terms of the processor but it's still above average.

Processor: 800MHz Intel A110
Memory: 1GB, 400MHz DDR2
Hard drive: 40GB
Graphics: Mobile Intel Express 945GM
Operating system: Windows Vista Premium
Dimensions: 6.6 x 6.5 x 1.1 inches
Screen: 5.6" LCD Digitizer with Crystal View
Weight: 2.2 pounds
Proce $1000

-- Purchase -- ($949)